The light came today as expected! The hardest part of today was being at work for eight hours knowing that there was this awesome new "toy" waiting for me at home. I wasn't just excited about it because it was a softbox set up, I was excited because for me, owning, heck even using a softbox was a new experience for me, especially one that uses continuous lighting. Going forward, I'll more likely be purchasing monolight strobe kits, but I'm actually quite impreesed by the capability that the continuous light provides.

I remember growing up, watching my mother with her halogen bulbs and umbrellas and the painstaking care that she  needed to use to make sure nothing happened to them. I also remember the HEAT that eminated off of them! Her bulbs would be so hot after a few minutes that you couldn't touch them with your hand for fear of burning yourself. Fast forward seven years or so, and I was able totake out all 7 bulbs after having them on for about half an hour and they were COOL to the touch!

So after struggling to set it up, stopping to watch a Youtube video from the company that I bought it from, I finally got everyything up and running. I switched the two power switches that were on the back of the light fixture and OMG, immediately the ceiling lights in the room became useless... So I turned them off, got my camera, and just clicked at random objects in the room, observing the light and the shadow, and marveling at the color accuracy I now had before me. I even was able to get a beautiful sick model to help out so I could really play around with the different lighting situations.

I'm looking forward to this, it's going to be a lot of fun. The kit itself is somewhat portable, which means I won't have to be tied to any one loacation. This is what excites me most, not just where my new equipment can take me, but where I can take my new equipment! 


She was half sleep and sick, but she still managed to put up with me long enough to get this picture.

It's  a little after 6:30 in the morning. I'm about to go to bed, not because I'm tired, but because I know that sleep is one of those non negotiable things in life that you have to accept. What did I do all night you ask? I spent the night going through hundreds of photos looking for the select few that were worth putting up here for your enjoyment! I still have a lot more to go, but I'm comforted in the fact that my portfolio now looks better than it did a few hours ago. I think it better shows my versatility and some of the different styles I've been able to produce, as well as my growth over the past couple years. But I do have work in less than six hours, and it won't be a short day. I do hope everyone has a safe and productive day as well. So goodnight/good morning everyone!

Today's snow was the perfect backdrop, I was just lacking the time to shoot and a subject to shoot..


iI'm excited about all the models that responded to my casting call though! There's some real potential and winners in that group and I'm looking forward to shooting them. Hopefully I'll make that happen in the next two weeks


another reason for my excitement, I purchased my first piece of studio lighting yesterday. It was supposed to be here today, but it's been delayed due to the snow. I'll talk more about it once it gets here!

The weather had other plans for me I see. Indoors researching Maternity ideas. It's never too late to learn more!

I have an open day tomorrow. Let's make it a free shooting day! Any models or people just looking to get free portraits, feel free to message me! 

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